No Eat I: Edible (chocolate crackle) Horta

The Horta must be one of the most recognisable aliens from The Original Series - and probably Star Trek as a whole. That creature of terror and murder - who was only trying to protect her young - is now rendered as a delicious giant chocolate crackle. Dr McCoy’s great medical work is now a chopped up marshmallow - “I’m a doctor, not a confectioner!”

I assumed that everyone grew up with chocolate crackles like I did, only to discover that they are apparently unique to Australia and New Zealand. If you’re not aware: chocolate crackles are made from Rice Bubbles / Rice Krispies, coconut, cocoa and bound together by Copha, which is hydrogenated coconut oil. If you can’t get Copha, you can melt some butter and chocolate together, and use that to bind your crackles instead. 


Replicate your own
(Makes about 25 standard-sized chocolate crackles, or 3-4 horta-sized giant crackles)

This is the classic chocolate crackle recipe. You will need some cupcake liners to spoon the mixture into.

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Gingerbread Communicator

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Hooray the Earth didn’t collapse in an apocalypse! Whatever you’re celebrating, I think gingerbread is always a welcome addition. While Christmas is not celebrated in the Star Trek Universe, I could not resist the opportunity to create a gingerbread version of one of the most iconic pieces of equipment from The Original Series.

While I wanted it to have the details from the communicator, I also wanted it to look like gingerbread, so I kept decorations to a minimum. The secret to creating 3D gingerbread items is to use lots of royal icing - this stuff really is like cement and holds everything together beautifully.

Even if you don’t want to make anything fancy, this recipe still creates delicious gingerbread cookies you can enjoy. Happy holidays!

Replicate your own

I used Simply Recipes’ gingerbread house dough recipe for my cookies. I halved the quantities listed on the recipe but still ended up with about 40 cookies on top of the two sets of communicators I cut out - so be aware it makes a lot!

I created a simple template for the communicator using this tutorial as a guide. I cut out the pattern pieces on thick card paper and then used that to cut out the cookie pieces. I froze the dough before cooking as this helps it keep its shape.

I used royal icing (1 egg white, add icing sugar until the desired consistency is reached) for all decorations, as well as for gluing the pieces together.

Toothpicks and scrunched up pieces of plastic wrap are both very useful to use as prop-ups while waiting for the royal icing to dry when gluing the pieces together.