Jelly shots: Original series

This is the first in an occasional series of Star Trek-themed jelly shots, and it seems only appropriate to start with The Original Series. I’d like to think that these jelly shots represent some of the different elements from The Original Series.

These jellies all set very well, so you could also pour them into moulds - just make sure the mould is well oiled, so the jelly is released easily. You can also layer the different jellies together, but you need to make sure the previous layer is completely set before you add the next one.

Replicate your own
(Makes 200-300ml of each jelly)

For each jelly, start by emptying the jelly crystals into a bowl or jug, and add 200ml boiling water. Stir until all the crystals are all dissolved and allow to cool to room temperature. Add the alcohol, stir, then pour into glasses, bowls or moulds and refrigerate overnight to set.

Command yellow
Yellow jelly (such as lemon, mango or passionfruit - I used passionfruit)
200ml boiling water
60ml gin

The sweetness of command with a sting in its tail, this jelly is not overly complex (like some captains, some might suggest…) but still conveys the highs and lows that are a captain’s lot. This will appeal to a wide range of people - just as a good commander should.

Science blue
Berry blue jelly
200ml boiling water
120ml white rum (you could use coconut rum if you prefer)
50ml blue curacao

Highlighting the exotic nature of space exploration, this jelly conjures up tropical surroundings and alien shores. It also celebrates the proliferation of blue alien drinks which seem to be spread across the galaxy.

Security red
Strawberry jelly
200ml boiling water
50ml gin
50ml campari

This variation on the classic Negroni cocktail conveys the innate bitterness which comes with serving in a security role. While it is a study in balance between sweet and bitter (necessary for successfully undertaking security work), its final aftertase is a reminder of the risks and dangers of being part of security. 

Cocktail: Coco No-no

In case it isn’t clear, this blog isn’t just about the food of Star Trek. It’s about the drinks as well. Only with this drink, I hope it serves you better than it served Geordi La Forge (Next Generation: Booby Trap). This coco no-no was the drink he served on his big date with Christy, which, like so many of his dates, ended badly. While it might have ended badly, at least he didn’t run out of drinks - or coconuts. 

As far as I can tell, the coco no-no is a made-up drink. I decided to go an almost tiki route, using rum along with freshly squeezed orange juice and of course the coconut juice. It’s best served on a beach with your loved one by your side - gypsy violinists optional.

Replicate your own
(Makes 2 - more than what will fit in a coconut shell)

1 coconut and its juice (about 70ml)
100ml spiced rum
Juice of 1/2 orange, about 80ml
2 dashes bitters
Soda water (optional)

Start by extracting the juice from the coconut. Pierce one of the three dark ‘dents’ or eyes with a chopstick, or, if your coconut is thick, hammer a nail through. Widen the hole slightly, then push your chopstick or nail through one of the other eyes to act as an airhole. Turn your coconut upside down over a glass and let the juice drain out. If needed, strain your juice through a coffee filter or similar to remove any particles.

Next, prepare your coconut. Find the seam running around the middle of the coconut. Using the back of a heavy knife, tap firmly around this seam. The coconut should split open along the seam, giving you two halves. Rinse  the coconut so it is clean when you add your cocktail.

To make the cocktail, combine the coconut juice, rum, orange juice and bitters in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into two coconut halves (or a glass if a coconut isn’t available). Top with soda water if desired, and decorate with paper umbrellas and straws. Serve to your date and hope that he or she is more receptive than any of Geordi La Forge’s dates. Enjoy!