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Sep 14

Trixian bubble juice

I thought it was good to take a rest from the involved recipe of the vegetable biryani and post a simple drink that is easy to make. Which is not to say that it is not delicious - it is Nog’s favourite drink, after all (DS9: Prophet Motive). Having now made and tried this drink I can understand why Rom went to the trouble of ensuring Nog had plentiful supplies on his return to Deep Space Nine!

This drink does not appear to be alcoholic but would serve well as a base for a cocktail if you are that way inclined. I think the key to this drink is to ensure it is nice and bubbly so add extra bubbles if you possibly can. If making for a crowd, I would still suggest making individual glasses rather than pitchers - again to ensure the bubbles remain. 

Replicate your own
(Makes 2 long drinks)

150ml / 5fl oz guava nectar
150ml / 5fl oz soda water

Mix the guava nectar and soda water together in a tall glass and serve. If you have the ability to create your own bubbles (sodastream or similar), make sure your water is very bubbly before mixing!

Sep 07

Vegetable Biryani

As we all know, family recipes are always the best, as much for their nostalgia as the actual taste of the food. In this case, we have a recipe from Captain Janeway’s grandmother which is both comforting and delicious, fulfilling all requirements for a recipe handed down the family. Janeway was obviously fond of it, preparing it for Commander Chakotay to enjoy (VOY: Timeless). 

As Janeway must have been well aware, this recipe can be easily scaled to serve 2 people or 20. While it does have a lot of steps, as long as you read through the whole recipe before beginning and have everything prepared and ready to go, it is not super difficult. You can cut down the cooking time a bit by using premixed biryani garam marsala rather than the individual spices listed below. This dish is lovely served immediately but is also great the next day once the flavours have melded further together.

Replicate your own
(Serves 4)
(Based on this recipe)

The basic method is to cook both the vegetables and the rice until they are about 75% done, then put them together to finish cooking.

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Aug 31

A conspiracy dinner part 2: parasite bread

Continuing on from last week’s mealworm pasta, what better way to ensure all your guests are properly fed than by serving them some parasite breads?! I figure this is a nicer way to ingest your parasite than needing to swallow it whole and have it attach to your brainstem (TNG: Conspiracy). 

As with the mealworms, this recipe only makes a small amount of parasite breads but can easily be doubled or tripled if your conspiracy meeting is a large one. And if you don’t have the time to lovingly craft individual parasites for each of your guests, this recipe also makes terrific dinner rolls or even a small loaf of bread.

Replicate your own
(Makes 4 individual parasite breads - recipe is easily doubled or tripled if needed)

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Aug 24

A conspiracy dinner part 1: mealworms

I know whenever I am planning a conspiracy to take over Starfleet, controlling key personnel with parasites and sending messages to my brethren to come and join me from our home planet, it’s important to ensure everyone is well fed. In this case - mealworms for all (TNG: Conspiracy)!! Unfortunately, neither Captain Picard or Commander Riker had the opportunity to taste these mealworms, which is a shame, because they are delicious.

If you are concerned at all - never fear! These appetising worms are nothing but pasta in a balsamic glaze sauce. They are perfect with a side of parasite bread and perhaps a salad (but let’s not get too carried away with vegetables). Come back next week to learn how to make the parasite breads but in the meantime please enjoy these mealworms as you plot your next takeover. 


Replicate your own
(Serves 2 but the recipe is easily increased if needed)

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Aug 09


Raktajino: the favourite drink of the swing shift and Starfleet captains alike. While a Klingon drink, it seems to be almost more popular with many other races than with the Klingons on Deep Space Nine. And apparently also popular with Star Trek viewers - I have received more requests for a raktajino than any other dish!

Like the Bloodwine, I have a feeling this will not be the last time I’ll be trying out Raktajino recipes. I have left the milk/cream as optional in the recipe below, but if you feel you would enjoy a Raktajino in the same way Jadzia Dax sometimes liked to take hers, feel free to add a few splashes. Likewise, feel free to add more sugar for a taste more suited to Jake Sisko. 


Replicate your own
(Serves 2)

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Aug 03

Miles O’Brien’s potato casserole

Miles O’Brien – keeping the recipes of his childhood alive. We have already seen his fondness for corned beef hash, and now we have another dish from the O’Brien household: potato casserole. I am not sure where Miles (or was it his mother?) got the idea of adding capers to the dish, but unlike Keiko, I think they are a great addition.

This dish is essentially a scalloped potato recipe where the potatoes are diced rather than cut into thin slices. It is super rich but very delicious – so I am not surprised Keiko found it a bit overwhelming. I should note that this dish was requested by a reader and that I have a few more reader requets coming up! If there is a particular dish you would like to see, get in touch and I will add it to the list of upcoming dishes. 

Replicate your own
(Serves 3-4 as a side dish)

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Jul 26

The Trouble With Tribble-rolls

Tribbles - scourge of the Klingon empire, profit-maker for Cyrano Jones and now delicious accompaniment to any meal. Luckily with these tribbles, you don’t have to worry about them reproducing - indeed, you may be sad that they don’t reproduce on their own as they might disappear at a fast rate!

These tribble rolls can of course be made without their tribble decorations and you will still end up with perfectly nice dinner rolls. But I will say that tribble-ising them seems to add a certain calming quality normally lacking in dinner rolls. However you wish to make these, just be careful you can distinguish them from any other tribbles lying about the place!


Replicate your own
(Based on Michael Ruhlman’s recipe for buttermik rolls as described here)
(Makes 8 rolls - double all ingredients to make a standard set of 16). 

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Jul 19

Marsupial Surprise

I do admire Neelix’s ability to conjure up delicious dishes out of practically nothing. In this case, an unnamed marsupial! This is obviously a popular dish, as two kilograms of the marsupial wasn’t enough to satisfy demand (VOY: Survival Instinct). In this recipe, the marsupial is kangaroo and the surprise is how delicious it was. Neelix definitely knows what he is doing!

If you’re in the US, kangaroo meat is at least available online - I would be interested to know how widely available it is in shops. Kangaroo is very lean, so like many lean meats, it either needs to be cooked very quickly or for a very long time. In this case a kangaroo stew is slowly cooked before being covered by parsnip mash to create a kangaroo shepherd’s pie variant. If you can’t get kangaroo, you could substitute venison or beef - although that might take away from the ‘marsupial’ part of the surprise! 


Replicate your own
(Serves 2-3)

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Jul 12

Osol Twists

It seems that Bajorans - while enjoying a wide variety of dishes - do have a bit of a sweet tooth. Take for example their Jumja sticks - very delicious, but so sweet it is hard to finish one. It is a good thing that there are other options out there - including these Romulan Osol twists, as recommended to Kira Nerys by Senator Cretak (DS9: Image in the Sand) as an alternative to the super sweet jumja stick.

These osol twists are candied orange peel, and definitely fulfill the requirements for a tart, not super-sweet dessert. These are quite easy to make and only involve three ingredients. After you peel your oranges, you could always use the juice to whip up a couple of coco no-nos!

Replicate your own
(Makes 10-15 twists, depending on size)

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Jun 27

A Bringloidi meal for two (Irish Stew)

If you’re on the Enterprise, you clearly never know when some new friends are going to drop by. In the case of the Bringloidi, they will drop by with all their family members, their equipment and of course their farm animals (TNG: Up the Long Ladder). While many human settlements have obviously embraced the food replicator, the Bringloidi have not. If the Bringloidi truly embrace their agrarian roots, it should come as no surprise to see an Irish Stew on the menu. 

I do realise this episode is probably not a favourite, and it certainly has its share of issues. However, this Irish Stew is nothing to sneer at! The recipe below is for goat, but you could definitely substitute lamb very easily. I thought of this as a meal for two to share (perhaps for Riker and Brenna) but it is easily doubled or even quadrupled if a bunch of Space Irish suddenly drop around. 

Replicate your own
(Serves 2 as a main meal)

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